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Sometimes short and sweet is just as convincing... Ed gives a shoutout to CliC's.


Jeff is a fan of CliC's because of their easy on, easy off functionality. Hear it in his words.


Melissa may lose her keys... and possibly a boyfriend every now and again, but never her CliCs.


Allow Joe to tell you why CliC's work for him in his position at the Post Office.


Todd knows what it's like to need readers everywhere... but not anymore.


Donald purchased CliCs after seeing a guy at Home Depot with them... he's glad he did.


Perfect for the classroom when you're moving around, you'll never lose them!

Perfect for occupational lens

I have had a multi-focal lens put into my Ashbury frame. It's a deeper frame (37mm) so perfect for an office lens: I can read papers on my desk, see the computer clearly and see across the room at the CliC Crew without squinting at anyone!



Purchased our first 2 pairs in France and absolutely love them

Kath Norton

I enjoy my clic

My CLIC glasses are like a necklace for me. I have them in few colors and different styles, for about 6 years. No one can find me without my Clic. They are very comfortable & safe to use.


Take two!

Yep...the second pair are just as useful and handy as my first pair! Really happy, thanks


Just CliC

Since buying my first pair of clics several years ago I haven't bothered to go back to any other brand. Wouldn't see without my clics.


Great Product

Before I bought my Clic glasses I was buying several a month at walmart or walgreens. They aren't that expensive, but if you tally up the cost over a year, it's far more than a pair of Clics. I've been wearing Clics for 4 or 5 years now and I've never lost or broken a pair. Money well spent.

Jeff Shempert

Love these glasses

These glasses are so handy. I am still not ready to wear glasses full time so have my distNce glasses that I need infrequently in my bag and my. Clics around my neck full time that way it is minimum fuss and maximum convenience!



I have had mine for over a year now and about to order more. Normally I would have lost at least one pair by now. During the same time, my husband has lost about 4 pairs!!!

Wendy Mackie

New friends

I have had my clic readers for about 6 years. A couple of originals and a tradie pair. People often stop me in the street and when I am out and ask about them. I always get a great response and I know some have then gone on to purchase their own.. They never fall off!

Michael Guinan

Amazing glasses!!

I have purchased Clic glasses before & people are amazed when they see them around my neck- so as not to lose or search for them. Have given info of how to order online. Love the range of colours.

Elsie Smith

Fourth pair I've bought

These are the fourth pair that I've bought to accommodate my sight as it changes with age. They say actions speak louder than words.


Absolutely Fantastic!

Hi Helen, Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated. Mine get a fair bit of wear and tear as I teach primary (science) and therefore have around 340 students and especially the younger ones, they love clicking and unclicking them :-) We also promote Clics where-ever we can as they are absolutely fantastic.

As a teacher, crafter and keen gardener I find Clics the only way to go. No more losing my glasses in the garden and finding them months later tucked into a hanging basket or perched on top of garden beds. No more putting them down in the classroom and then running around trying to find them before a student takes pity and points them out. No more hunting around when I'm sewing, knitting, crafting in general - they're right there! Not attached by some loopy thing that I get tied up in, neatly around my neck, no fuss, no irritation. LOVE my Clics

Julie Scull, Science Teacher, East Kenwick Primary School.


Quality That Works

After trying a couple of cheap and nasty ‘copies’ of Clics, I finally wised up and purchased a pair of Clics Originals in Matte Black, in the largest size available to accommodate my large noggin.
Cheaper versions of this great design idea simply disengaged every time I moved my head up and down, as one would when reading. This is not a problem with genuine Clics.The build quality, fit and finish is outstanding. They are light, substantial not flimsy. Better still are the multiple adjustments available that can make Clics fit so well that you forget you’re wearing them.

The design allows you to angle the lenses down and outwards, slightly, when separated, that keep them clean of dust, ‘dandruff’ and food particle free. This is the main problem with glasses that have a neck strap or cord. The lenses hang directly below one’s mouth and this position is perfect for catching all kinds of detritus on one’s lenses. I gave up on neck cords years ago for this very reason.

Clics sport a strong pair of magnets that gives you the confidence of knowing your glasses will not fall apart while in use. It’s a totally brilliant concept. My first pair were just a 1.5 magnification, which I find perfect for fine print on contracts, labelling and technical drawings etc. I have a couple of hobbies, and I mess around with high-tech cameras so my next pair of Clics will be a higher magnification. I’m even considering organising a pair of Clics the next time I need a new prescription for my normal eye glasses. Thanks, Clics I’ve seen the light!

Cheers, Bill Halliwell

Great for Golf

I recently purchased a pair of Toffee Apple Red Readers, a fellow golf partner recommended them to me & I couldn’t be happier, I am able to wear the Clics around my neck while playing golf enabling me to read & write my score card without fumbling in my golf bag to find my old readers.  Thanks CliCs your product is great.

Warwick Robinson

Best invention ever

I bought these for my partner. He had just bought two new pair of other glasses for reading that he never uses any more. The clic are so versatile and robust. He never drops them or loses them. Handy to keep around your neck ready for when you need them.

Vikki Young

Best invention.

I've been wearing Cliics for about seven years. Haven't lost a pair yet.


Great glasses

I've been using Clic readers for 5 years and wear them all the time. Brilliant glasses and I've been surprised at how strong and resilient they are. I have 2 pairs so can change the colour of the frames.

Mike Majendie


Fabulous glasses and colours to go with them. Always prompt efficient service.

Genevive Davison

Click Reader Original Glasses

Husband purchased a pair through a reseller in Darwin and loved them so much I decided to get a pair too, unfortunately the ones he has were too wide for my head but found a smaller frame online at clic. Awesome glasses, comfortable, sturdy and look great best of all you don't loose them they are always handy, no more digging around in my bag trying to find my reading glasses.

Melissa Wyatt

Stylish & Practical

Look great, sturdy & very practical, thank you Clic!


Everyone loves them

My Clic glasses are the best, no more dropping or breaking specs at work when I bend over. Everyone comments on my Clic Originals and the positive comments I get are amazing. I always give them the 'Clic' name and website and I'm sure that many will look and buy.


Never lost

I love how the glasses are always around my neck so I never have to walk around the house looking for glasses

Gary Watson


Hey your website is classy but the best of all are your original glasses, which have have so many beautiful colours. I have six different pairs !

Eric Schwelm

Totally practical

As a farrier I bend and stand hundreds of times a day and my glasses are also removed and replaced numerous times a day. My Clic glasses are totally abused every day yet the same pair is more than 3 years old. Previous types of glasses lasted at the most 3 or 4 weeks.



A practical solution if your one of those people, like myself, who regularly misplace their specs. Even for the young; I am in my 20s, so there is nothing to stop you!

Mr Cigana

Just lift and clic!

I wear them all the time and hardly notice they are on, but are there when I need them. I tell all my friends about them when they have their glasses stored away in their pocket and I just lift and clic


Couldn't Be Without Them

I have been wearing Clic glasses for approx 8 years and couldn't be without them. They are always in the same place, around my neck, I don't have to go looking for them. They free up my top pocket for my mobile phone. I have several pairs, including sunglasses.

John Treloar

Invaluable asset

On my fourth or fifth pair of Clic Readers, always make sure I have a spare pair in case I lose or break one! Being a farmer they are fantastic as are always at hand when needed. Never seem to fall off regardless of what activity I'm doing. Only negative is the magnets attach to machinery when doing repairs if I bend over too close! Always love the 'your glasses are broken' comment. Will be a valued customer for years to come, and have influenced a few others to give them a try. Thanks for a great product!

Richard Hordern


Very handy

These glasses now come in shorter lengths, which is great for a smaller head like mine. A few years ago they didn't have that size option and I had to buy the standard size which was too big for me. I still wear them each day and they are great light weight glasses which hide away when not in use.

Josephine Williams

Quality product

I have been wearing clics reading glasses for years and impressed with their durability and functionality. Due for new new pair soon, but I'd be lost without them. Great conversation piece.

Laurie Unwin

Love, love, love

I love these glasses. Fantastic for work. Never lose them and never get in the way. These will not be my last pair. Highly recommend them to all my friends and work colleagues.

Del Goodhand

I depend on this product

In March this year I purchased my 3rd set of Original ICE glasses. Having lost the 1st, broken the 2nd and now very comfortable with my 3rd set. I hope to use these products for many more years.



I have now purchased 3 pairs of various styled reading glasses and been approached by many as to where they can get a pair. No more looking for glasses they are placed around my neck as part of the dressing process and thats where they stay. Well done Clic. I would love an all stainless or steel pair as I seem to get 18months out of a pair before the plastic gives way. Thanks for the wonderful product.

Anthony Goddard

Best Ever

I first saw these glasses about 15 - 20 years ago, at the time I did not require glasses. The day came and I required reading glasses and fumbled with normal glasses falling out of pockets, sliding off thy scone, carrying out intricate work on my back and having those darn glasses always slide away, very frustrating. I have now being using Clic Glasses now for 3 years and they are the best product I ever invested in, so much so, I have referred countless number of my customers to your website and they have purchased. The person to add to this list was my wife Rita who had a habit of losing/misplacing her reading glasses, she loves her new Clic frames and just had new optics fitted to them, no more searching for those darn glasses. Do yourselves a favor and buy them, you will not be disappointed.

Kind regards Vince F.

Frames for script glasses

The product was exactly what I expected. OPSM had no problems fitting my script glasses to these frames


I have been a Clic glasses user for a long time

I have been a clic glasses user for sane time now because I am sight impaired from birth abs have had many glasses until those type of frames showed up so I brought a pair of clic frams and ever since I have enjoyed wearing them


Great pair of readers!

I bought some pantos a year ago and have been using them every day ever since. So practical! So solid! A great buy!


Best Buy I've ever made!

I purchased my first pair of original CLICS about 6 years ago. They changed my life. No longer spend any time looking for reading glasses which I often had to do at my age, 60. They are so handy; Easy to use, very hardy, look good. I have since had a different style of CLICS - the round ones. I love these best. Purchased CLIC googles for my husbands birthday. I am a CLIC FAN (CF). I highly recommend them to all. A ten out of ten buy.

Vivien Joseph

Love my Pantos

I took my CliC Pantos (Panda colour) to my local Optometrist and had an occupational lens put into them. Now I can read the computer screen, read a document in front of the keyboard and see my team-members across the room all at the same time....highly recommend this to improve efficiency in the office. I chose the Panto frame because it's a) large enough to take a multi-focal and b) pretty funky!



20 years of faithful service

Always know where they are and so flexible off or on. It is never a problem when I need to wear them or take them off. I send at least 2 people per week to the web site who are asking about my clics

Rick Morris

Just the best!

I’ve worn clic readers for many, many years and can’t recommend them highly enough. The convenience of always having my glasses accessible, never having to scramble in a bag to find them, makes them indispensable. Last year I needed prescription lenses which the optometrist fitted easily into the Panto frame. I can’t imagine life without my Clics! Thank you for a wonderful product from a very happy customer.

Susan Watt

I LOVE & ADORE my Clics!

Have had several pairs over the past 10 years or so..... replaced when lost or because I sat on them, wanting new styles. Have purchased goggles and sunglasses in CLICS for my husband. Delighted with them. Use my everyday. Like wearing jewellery. Wouldn't be without them. HIGHLY RECOMMEND CLICS!


Great product

The first pair of reading glasses that has lasted more than a month - because its hard to lose them!! I loved the skiing goggles and these reading glasses are =just as good.


Great Vision is a CliC away!

These are a permanent fixture from dawn to dusk.

Greg Orr

Tradie reading glasses

Great to wear while working. Stay on my head due to the strap and handy to have around my neck while not in use.

Andrew Stewart

Tradie Clic glasses

Great product. Sides could be a bit curved to make them fit your head better

Danny Thies

Reading Tradie Glasses

Absolutely love my clic glasses. No more scratches, no more worries about finding them as they’re hanging around my neck. Recommend to friends.

Trish Arden

Reading glasses

I still use my originals had them for many years of robust usage like my shadow follows me everywhere. and recently fitted new bands and I got my wife a nice pair.


Hubby Loves Glasses

This is our second pair of Clic glasses and my husband hasn't stopped raving since he bought his first pair about four years ago. Ideal for when you need reading glasses at work or home but are doing other things as well.

Felicity Maitland


Sick and tired of losing, breaking and damaging my reading glasses while on site. I purchased my first pair almost a year ago and couldn't be happier! Easy to locate as they're always around my neck, or when I jump in the van, just hang them over the gear selector ready to use at the next job.

Grant Woodorth

Stop looking

Stop searching,always around my neck,super convenient and out of the way when not needed.

Greg Forbes

Tradie reading glasses.

Tradie glasses are the best glasses I have every had. Can’t lose them break them when they stay around your neck when your working. Can’t wait to get my new pair

Vince Johnson

Never without them

No more time lost looking for my glasses on site, they're always round my neck( except when I sleep)


Tradies are great!

Clic Tradies are great for all tradies, hubby loves them - perfect for work!

Catherine Byrne

Never buy anything else....

As A tradesman i was continuously breaking or losing reading glasses used for close up work (tape measure .plans etc ) I bought some yellow tradies clics and haven’t lost or broken a pear since i can highly recommend them to all hands on workers.
Will never buy anything else and am in the process of getting prescription lenses fitted to another pair of clics.

Great stuff Bram Portas


The glasses are fantastic. I have a big head and need the xl slider.

Charles Rance

Best ever readers

I purchased the tradie readers in May for my husband who previously would regularly lose or break his specs. He can always locate these and they are still in perfect condition.Clic Tradies have saved him many hassles (and saved my sanity)

Angela Davies

Clic Tradies

My Clic Tradie glasses are used all day in a workshop environment & are the best glasses I have found for the job. They never get lost being around my neck, are easy to keep clean & are comfortable to wear.


great glasses

I have bought 3 pairs over the last 5 yrs , and they are all fantastic, i use them fishing and skiing , anywhere you might intermittently use glasses but don't won't to get them out of a bag or jacket , they are fantastic , i thoroughly recommend them.

Greg Burrow


I bought 2 pairs of Unique click glasses after seeing some at a friend's. They are fabulous. I wear one around my neck when I am gardening, so I can pop them on any time I need to see more closely. The other is a stronger pair I use in the kitchen when I need to read the fine print of a recipe. I do wish I could fold them up and take them both with me when I go away.


Rosie Brilliant

Where do I start ...Awesome ,amazing, absolutely fantastic.. the Clic readers have been front and centre of my husband’s dress code for 10 years .. he’s onto his 4th pair .. and ready for the ones .. new colour .and a little stronger ..

Rosie Brilliant

Good looking frames that are pleasingly robust!

As the title says these have been both stylish and strong! They meet my criteria wonderfully


Clic Reader Executive

Love these! Great quality. Tried cheaper copies and these win hands down. Spend the extra!!



I was always loosing my glasses. Now I always know where they are. Robust and simple elegant design.


Part of my Identity...

Hi CLIC, I get asked daily where did I get my glasses from and I love telling people this……I love my clics because they are comfortable stylish and very robust.
I have been wearing CLICs for 7 years, they are a part of my identity now.


Great Readers

Great fit very comfortable, size is perfect, I use them all the time, this is a great model for most guys I would say, will order another pair


The Best

Hi my husband has lost so many glasses these are the only ones that he can keep for longer than a day



I have many pairs of Clic frames used as reading glasses over my contact lenses. So so handy always have a pair around my neck . People always comment on them . I'm never going to be without them a big thank you to Clic for such great variarty and fantastic service

Audrey Hobbs


Clic Sunglasses II

Have used Clic readers for years because they are so practical.Sunglasses II however are great when doing sporting activities such as running, cycling, sailing as they are secure both when on and off (around neck).Recommend them.

Ken Horton