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About CliC Eyewear

Always Around You.


CliC readers offer an innovative design with a front magnetic connection. The continuous temples form a wrap-around headband so when you want to take them off, simply separate the eye pieces and let them hang around your neck. Never misplace your readers again! Suitable for a wide variety of uses across various professions and activities.


There are three unique features that define CliC, solving the problem of lost and broken readers:

  1. The distinctive patented magnetic front connection.
  2. Adjustable temples to help customise your fit.
  3. A durable permanent headband made of TR90. 

The sturdiness of CliC magnetic readers is due to the high-quality materials and construction techniques used. CliC readers are a very useful accessory in everyday life for those needing vision correction. Simple as they are practical.


Many people are enjoying the convenience of having their glasses close by all the time. There are many applications for using CliC readers.

If you need corrective vision and spend the day forever putting on and taking off your glasses -  CliC is the solution. Perfect for use in many professions, lifestyle activities and hobbies. The ideal accessory on your next fishing trip, great to have handy when tinkering in the shed or relaxing at home.

Suitable in a variety of industries and trades: construction, education, healthcare, logistics, transport, manufacturing, warehousing, retailing, in the office …..the list goes on.  “Our designs hang unobtrusively around the wearer’s neck – it’s the only reading glasses design with easy-on easy-off access at all times…” Ron Lando.


CliC is an American concept designed by Ron Lando of California. Coming from a long line of Optical Designers, Lando pulled on his decades of experience to conceptualise the design of the continuous temple combined with a magnetic connection strong enough to defy gravity. Over 20 years ago, the CliC concept was born. The product has reached world-wide success and is distributed in over 27 countries internationally. It carries manufacturers’ patents in 11 countries and is CE certified.